Herman Miller Ergonomic Aeron Chairs

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

Ergonomically designed for individual fit and comfort, the Aeron chair, both basic as well as the highly adjustable model, offer the consumer a stylish and relaxed seating choice. By offering sizes "A", "B" and "C", the Aeron chair once again stands out in the forefront of the socially conscientious ergonomic chair design.

Featured Herman Miller Ergonomic Aeron Chairs

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair Loaded Posture Fit


Herman Miller Ergonomic Aeron Chairs

Available for both models, size "A" is especially designed for those who have a smaller stature or slighter build. Its narrower frame affords the smaller user with a supple seating support and smaller back height. The most requested size, "B", is perfect for the average-sized individual. Designed to easily fit into any space, the size "B" speaks to the comfort and usability of the common sized individual while affording a general dimension for flexibility of daily use.

With the larger-sized individual in mind, the Aeron chair, size "C", provides perfect posture support and ease of movement while affording the larger customer a comfortable and spacious seating experience. Each ergonomic office chair carries the same level of comfort while recognizing the user's personal size preferences and physical needs. Whether choosing sizes A, B or C, each socially conscientious Aeron chair is specially designed for the needs of the individual.

As a leader in modern furniture manufacturing dating back to the 1940's and 50's, Herman Miller Inc. looked to designers Donald Chadwick and Bill Stumpf to create a totally different kind of ergonomic office chair. Together, Chadwick and Stumpf, brainstormed to give rise to a new age of ergonomic office chair design.

Tearing away the traditional fabrics, metals and padding used in more traditional office chair designs, Chadwick and Stumpf turned to the more modern trends in manufacturing materials and molding processes to create a new and heralded design in ergonomic office chairs. Reaping the idea of the more user friendly ergonomic office chair design trends, Chadwick and Stumpf, turned what was once a heavy, bulky and cumbersome furniture piece into a lighter, more user-friendly and welcoming office tool.

What most people considered to be a wholly utilitarian device and to which many added additional cushions for padding, the general office chair was transformed by Chadwick and Stumpf into the now notably named "Aeron Chair". Totally ergonomic, the Aeron chair offers both design and personal adjustability for optimum comfort and use. The Aeron chair, designed with both user and environment in mind, is a piece often copied but never rivaled.

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